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28 Titsy Self-love Prompts

"Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself."

  1. Visit  a  place  that  makes  you  happy

  2. Have a nap - schedule it and do it.

  3. Give yourself a  face  massage, or even better - get a full massage

  4. Find a way to ‘choose joy’ in an everyday activity

  5. Make yourself a playlist of songs that make you happy

  6. Buy yourself flowers  

  7. Write yourself a list of all the ‘titsy’ qualities I have

  8. Wear your  favourite  outfit  today,  just  for  you

  9. Write a love letter to yourself

  10. Plan and enjoy  a  digital  detox  evening

  11. Do something to feel ‘big tits energy’

  12. Take a dance class, or dance at home to your favourite songs

  13. Do a long and slow stretch

  14. Take time for yourself to do a meditation for 10-15 mins

  15. Take time to look at yourself naked in the mirror, find your beauty and say “ I love me”

  16. Make yourself a nutritious dinner

  17. Book a day trip

  18. Take yourself a date in your fav restaurant/cafe

  19. List all of your accomplishments till now

  20. Write all the things you love about yourself

  21. Start each day by telling yourself something positive

  22. Go to bed early with a book, tea and snacks (whatever rocks your boat)

  23. Spend an evening practising self-care (for example; a long bath and, self care routine with your favourite oils, creams, or early night in bed.)

  24. Send words of encouragement to a loved one or a friend in need

  25. Do a creative activity instead of TV this evening with music

  26. Journal about things you love and your dreams. Allow myself to dream and be creative with the results

  27. Make an exercise plan, to nourish your body every week

  28. Write things you do imperfectly, but makes you happy

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