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Meet Melin

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Melin has been “different” all her life, being born in Turkey and growing up there as a black mixed girl, she always stood out, and never fit in. When she moved to the UK, she stood out as the louder, more straightforward, brutally honest, weird person in the British culture. She went through a lot to get to where she was and Lil Titsy became her way of sticking to the world, being shamelessly different, choosing joy instead of chasing happiness, owning her imperfections, her bold weird energy, and empowering others along the way. 


After years of making t-shirts for friends to make them feel better and stronger, Melin finally brought Lil Titsy to life, after having to leave her home because of a terrible break-up and live out of a suitcase for months in friends' houses. This is when she recognised that she needed what she had been giving to her friends for herself. Her then favourite t-shirt CreativeMornings' “We believe in giving a damn" became her go-to t-shirt for the days she needed a bit of a push. The slogan was great, but it wasn't how she felt every day. Those endless nights being awake in friend's spare rooms, practicing brush lettering to stay creative, by writing fun, motivational thoughts, and scripts from Bob’s Burger; she realised she was writing things she needed to hear or wished she could put on a t-shirt… So the idea of Lil Titsy was born. She was going to create t-shirts to embrace different moods, for different days that we as women go through. 

Questioning being a woman, femininity, and feminism was the key to the brand's purpose. 


Now Lil Titsy is here to embrace the weird, the different, the feminine in any form, the joy of being unapologetically different. Lil Titsy is here to resist with joy, laughter, and self-love and that is a protest enough in this world.

Lil Titsy is here to learn and explore self-love in a world we were not encouraged to do so. 

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Our founder

Melin Edomwonyi is a multi-hyphenate:  a graphic designer; a UX designer; a creative director; a mentor; a problem solver.  Melin is currently working as a creative director for a Bcorp agency based in Cardiff -Yellow Sub Creative- cooking up some good things for the people and the planet.  She has a passion for playing with words, typography, and calligraphy. 

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