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Our Lil Story


 Our Vision

Lil Titsy is all about feminine self-expression. We envision a world where women are free to express themselves without judgement or oppression. We believe that fashion can be a powerful tool for self-expression and activism, and we strive to create a community of strong, confident women who are unapologetically themselves.


The Mission

Lil Titsy is here to change the patriarchal language, protest sexism, and create an inclusive space for everything feminine and have fun while doing it. 

We want to own our sass and joy.


We believe in ethical and sustainable resourcing and are committed to reducing our environmental impact.


We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming brand for all women, regardless of their age, size, or background.

Our lil' story 

Lil Titsy was born out of the desire to provide authentic, unapologetic self-expression for individuals Yes feminism was everywhere, it was hip, it was trendy but Lil Titsy didn’t just want to be another feminist T-shirt brand. We want to provide a new language and introduce our own terms!


Anyone can be daring, yet we keep using a word that only applies to 50% of the population. So, let’s be titsy! And let’s ditch the D and carry Big Tits Energy instead. After all we all have tits, it is more universal and more inclusive than just referring to male organs for expression of courage and boldness. 

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