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Our Lil Story

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Why be ballsy when you can be titsy? 

Anyone can be daring, yet we keep using a word that only applies to 50% of the population. But everyone has tits, right? So, let’s be titsy!

Lil Titsy is what happens when you merge unique design, a passion for language, and enthusiasm for spreading positive messages. It was born out of a desire to express ourselves in a way that no other brand has done before. It’s silly, sassy and passionate - just like Melin- the founder of Lil Titsy!

Everyone’s unique, and we each experience our days in different ways.
No day is the same as the last, so Lil Titsy is here to help you express your different moods in all their glory. Feeling moody? Silly? Feisty? Titsy? We’ve got you covered. 

Meet Melin- Our Founder...

What are your pronouns?

"She/her - I must say do I do carry a lot of masculine energy, and I’m okay with that, in fact I love it, but I present myself as a 'she' "

Where do you see Lil Titsy in 5 years?

"I see Lil Titsy helping more people express themselves, I see loads of collaborations and loads of ways to create awareness on the importance of loving ourselves, loving our bodies, breaking gender taboos, breaking the patriarchal language we all use, changing the way we see protesting. I want more people to be free to express themselves and rebel with joy. I want everybody to know the importance of what materials we put on our bodies, and care about who makes them. I can go on, but I’ll stop here for now."

What's her favourite t-shirt?

"They are all my fav’s, but the one that speaks to me the most is “imperfect and happy”. This is something I often have to tell myself, it serves as a reminder for me in my journey of accepting myself with my imperfections, allowing myself to be imperfect without worrying about what people think about me. It’s a biggie!"

What phrase do you live your life by?

"It used to be “pain is gain”, but now I always ask myself whether I’m being kind to myself. So it’s not a quote, but a question. Am I kind to myself? Am I showing love / compassion to myself? I’ve learnt that I lack compassion when it comes to myself…"

What's your favourite colour?

"My favourite colour is something I call ‘blurp’. A blue with more red in it so it almost looks like purple. I love reds and blues, and turquoise, a very soft spot for turquoise. But 'blurp' makes my heart jump!"

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Why did you start Lil Titsy?

"I started Lil Titsy because, really, it was always in my life. I always loved making gifts for the people I loved. When I look back, I realise I made loads of t-shirts for my friends and family to encourage them, to make them smile or to celebrate them. Then 3 years ago, through a very hard breakup, I had to leave my house with just a suitcase. So here I was needing that encouragement for myself. I had packed a few t-shirts for ease, cooking up versatile ways I could wear them, but I only had one t-shirt that made me feel good wearing it: “We believe in giving a damn” -this is the CreativeMorning's motto. This, and the endless nights of being awake at friend's spare bedrooms, alone with my brush pens, was the sign that I was waiting for. I started writing things for myself that I needed to hear… That I wished I could put on so I didn’t have to speak to the world every day, I hoped my t-shirts could do that for me… and it evolved and evolved into where we are now!!"

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