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28 Days of Titsy Love

This February, we’re encouraging you all to embrace your titsy side and do something every day for you, and only YOU!

We’re all about self-love, and we want you to embrace how wonderful you are and be sure that this month, you take time for yourself because you are no.1!

Self-love can come in several different forms. It could be treating yourself to your favourite meal, wearing an outfit that makes you feel good or taking yourself out on a solo date. Anything that you do solely for yourself, that makes you feel empowered, is an act of self-love!


Get yourself inspired. Listen to our Project Love Podcast - which was our inspiration for this challenge


Create a list. Write down 28 things that will make you feel happy, cared for and loved.


Choose an act of titsy love each day from your list  (or free flow) and  

do it! 


Celebrate! Share it on your stories and tag us @liltitsy  with #28daysofititsylove for a chance to win a 'heart me' set.  

And more titsy love

Be sure to check our socials to see our daily reminders and self-love tips.
Every Friday, we will also be going live on our instagram page @liltitsy with a series of inspirational speakers who will encourage you to embrace and love yourself.

Here’s to loving ourselves, I hope you have fun and enjoy this adventure of self-discovery!

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