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tit·sy / adverb

Definition: determined and courageous; the feminine or unisex equivalent of ballsy

Example: “That woman is so titsy.”
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Our lil Story

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Lil Titsy is what happens when you merge unique design, a passion for language, and enthusiasm for spreading positive messages. It was born out of a desire to express ourselves in a way that no other brand has done before. It’s silly, sassy and passionate - just like Melin- the founder of Lil Titsy!

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Our Manifesto


Always be proud of your tits, no matter what size they are!

​Small tits with big moods!

Big tits, with bigger moods!

Great things come in all sizes with big moods!

Lil Titsy is for us all. Everyone’s unique, and we each experience our days in different ways. We want to help you express yourself and all your moods.


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